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Only for order production, Rare Jewelry living together


  • 2019
  • DIAMOND Jewerly
  • Yuriko Imada GIA GG(Gemological Institute of Amerca, Graduate Gemologist)



Fascinated by the Jewelry of Made in Japan

"Japanese Manufacturing is beautiful"

That's what I thought about when I was involved in jewelry work and fifteen years passed.

While dealing with many high jewelry with domestic and foreign jewelry brands, I encounter jewelry produced by a Tokyo studio.

My heart trembled tremendously for outstanding skills, Japanese aesthetic sense, sharpened sensibility, the beauty of jewelry they produce for about 50 years since its establishment.

Do not prioritize epidemic or work efficiency, just pursue quality jewelry at all, to communicate the commitment and feelings of the producer properly.

Meeting that workshop, I started wanting to return to the origin of monozukuri.

I want to deliver the splendor of jewelry from Made in Japan ... That is the beginning of "SERI TOKYO".



Expert craftsmanship and Carefully selected diamonds

SERI TOKYO is a concept of "diamond jewelry made by Japanese craftsmen".

I value the commitment "manufacturing" by one of Japan's most skilled craftsmen.

Diamond has a clear evaluation criterion of 4 C, so it tends to be considered "evaluation of diamond = evaluation of jewelry".

However, the perfection as jewelry is very important for the artisan's skill and sensitivity.

SERI TOKYO is cherishing the design to maximize the radiance of the diamond itself.

Diamonds are gifts from the earth, and beautiful cuts are made there, so that existence itself becomes a work of art.

Do not add extra decorations, minimize the use of precious metals, and tailor the diamond to emerge on your skin.

It is a jewelry which starts from the point of subtraction.

High quality jewelry, although it looks simple, can not be made easily.

Because it's simple, it can not be cheated by decoration, and the skills of craftsmen clearly appear.

Carefully finish the metal polish on the back side that can not be seen from the table, and make precise work while checking with a microscope.

There is a reason for beauty.

If you get the jewelry of SERI TOKYO, you will surely feel the pride of the producer and the affection for jewelry.

For Customers


"Purity of diamonds" "Happiness wearing oneself"

SERI TOKYO produces jewelry after receiving an order, one by one.

By not doing mass production, efficiency is not prioritized and quality is raised.

Although it takes time to deliver, we carefully manufacture jewelry that "will live with you".

We hope that every day people wearing SERI TOKYO will become more beautiful and enriching.

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