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Japanese Tie made from Slik | Shakumoto Sewing | SHAKUNONE


A small gimmick that a man ties


  • 1968
  • Made in Japan Silk fabric
  • Tatsuhiro Syakumoto


Factory brand launched by a small town factory

In 1968, founded in a room at a house in a rural town in Okayama prefecture. At the beginning of the founding, we were sewing various products, not just ties. In 2006, taking advantage of the accumulated technologies, we steered to a garment factory specializing in neckties, where the tailoring of texture that could not be exhibited at existing dedicated factories was highly evaluated. While continuing to make a tie, I wanted to listen to customer's voice and customer's evaluation directly, and in 2015 we launched the original necktie brand "SHAKUNONE".


Make an attractive product. Whether it is troublesome.

In order to make full use of know-how and technology, we do not compromise on how to make products, and we are constantly improving sewing lines while carefully incorporating the labor of craftsmen. Using a select tie silk made in Japan (Kai silk of Yamanashi prefecture), the principal wearing it continues to make a tie that makes it attractive.

For Customers

I want to be your lovely co-star

Suits, shirts, shoes, belts, wallets, watches ,, There are lots of accessories to make men attractive. It is a necktie that is in the front of the body in it, an important item that determines the impression of that person. Neckties craftsmen carefully make one by one carefully, while forgetting the essential role of a tie "attracting men" attractively changing from the era of using a necktie to the era of using a necktie daringly. Because it is an age where it is permitted without tying a necktie, I want to deliver a tie that can be more attractive. I will continue to make such a tie, not a necktie claiming a gaudy personality, but complementing the appeal of a man, tying a commitment.

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