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HiBiKi · Hekisai · Bowl (Large)

HiBiKi · Hekisai · Bowl (Large)

A glaze reminiscent of the deep blue such as the sky and the sea is a "bowl" that shines on the scarlet ground. Outside blue glaze flowing patterns are imparting bowls. This is one of pottery made in Kyoto, Japan. In Dainichi kiln, Mr. Takemura, a pottery artist, uses ash as the ash he raised himself, and uses it as a glaze. In addition, we use ash which burned plants such as grapes, sunflower, flower fruit and so on, and make natural ash glazes independently. Recently, few ceramic artists make glazes themselves from the stage of ash making. Because different colors appear depending on the material, it is very deep pottery.
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Product ID S0001-031
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Shop by Brand Kyoto Ware・Kiyomizu Ware "Dainichi" made of natural charcoal and flame
商品名 HiBiKi · Hekisai · Bowl (Large)
Traditional Technique Kyo Ware・ Kiyomizu Ware
Measuring Φ22.5*H7cm
Product Weight 600g
Country of Manufacture 日本
Remark pottery / ceramics (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : ○ Dishwashing machine : ○ Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X