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Flower crystal (light blue) · Meshiwan(rice bowl)
Flower crystal (light blue) · Meshiwan(rice bowl)

Flower crystal (light blue) · Meshiwan(rice bowl)

Here is a refreshing "Meshiwan (rice bowl") wearing crystal glaze throughout, showing various facial expressions, gorgeous and calm tones are impressive.

It will brighten the dining table vividly.

※ "縹" = "HANADA" It refers to the blue color with high lightness

This is a type of porcelain made in Kyoto, Japan.Flower crystals (hana) are characterized by beautiful patterns like flowers blooming on the surface of the instrument.Crystal glaze is a glaze that has characteristics that crystals will come out in the process of melting and cooling in a kiln.Among them, flower crystals, among other things, grows in crystal and various shapes appear.It is one of the features that you can not make the same thing as two, it is a gem that you can enjoy various crystal shapes only for you.

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More Information
Shop by Brand Beautiful Kyoto Ware・Kiyomizu Ware like a flower "Touan"
Product Name Flower crystal (light blue) · Meshiwan(rice bowl)
Traditional Technique Kyo Ware・ Kiyomizu Ware
Capacity 0
Measuring Φ12.5*H6cm
Product Weight 230g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark porcelain (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X