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【Mug】Japanese Ceramics, Murasaki Shikibu | Kyo Ware - Kiyomizu Ware | Zuisyo

【Mug】Japanese Ceramics, Murasaki Shikibu | Kyo Ware - Kiyomizu Ware | Zuisyo

This is an elegant purple and beautiful cup. The instrument has a dimple and a finger muscle pressed with a finger, making the instrument expressive. Another beautiful coloring is unexpected charm.    This is one of pottery made in Kyoto, Japan. Purple in Japan is a noble color and has been prized since ancient times.
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More Information
Shop by Brand Japanese tea set & cups | Zuisyo | Kyoto ware (pottery)
Product Name 【Mug】Japanese Ceramics, Murasaki Shikibu | Kyo Ware - Kiyomizu Ware | Zuisyo
Traditional Technique Kyo Ware・ Kiyomizu Ware
Capacity 9.81 oz,
Measuring Φ2.95" * H3.74"
Product Weight 190g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark pottery / ceramics (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : ○ Dishwashing machine : ○ Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X



Innovative instrument that "purple" shines


  • 1887
  • Kyoto Ware・Kiyomizu Ware
  • Yoshihiro Iwamoto



"Shimizu Ware" made by traditional craftsmen

1938 Born in Kyoto、1980 Traditional Crafts Professional Certificate, Traditional Crafts Kinki Branch Exhibition & Kyoto Craft Exhibition Award Winner



Brilliant "purple" that snaps into eyes

I inherited the third generation "Zuisyo" from my father in 1966. Characteristics of "Zuisyo" are based on daily dishes from my grandfather 's generations. In recent years I am engaged in research on cinnabar glaze (vermillion red), purple glaze, Ruri glaze and so on.

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Presence in a simple presence

Although it is purple monochrome, there are a dark violet part and a thin purple part among them, and we create it so that its shade has a presence. For your hands, please enjoy the real thing.