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Hara Colle・moist balanced cream

Hara Colle・moist balanced cream

This is a moist balanced cream that leads to beautiful and youthful skin by blending "gold".Excellent moisture retention, good elongation, care for every corner of the skin. It gives skin, luster and firmness, and keeps moisture.It is recommended to use it with other items such as skin lotion and treasure essence.

※ Haracolle cosmetics use quantum, wave vibration, vibration water for all products.

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More Information
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Product Name Hara Colle・moist balanced cream
Capacity 1
Product Weight 50ml
Country of Manufacture Japan

[I want to age beautifully]

This is a wish of all women. Haracolle is a basic cosmetic product to make such a woman's wish come true. In the growing beauty industry, now the most noteworthy "human stem cell culture nutrient" is combined with jewelry pack and treasure essence. In addition, "Gold" that helps penetration of beauty ingredients is blended in all of the basic cosmetics of cleansing soap, skin lotion, moist balance cream, treasure found essence. And now it became common sense "carbonated beauty", such as luxurious ingredients are adopted multiple times and it is satisfactory finish. A haracolle series made with strict attention to "fine skin" and "glowing skin" indispensable for beautiful adult women. Please feel a certain difference on your skin.