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【Kimono & Obi】Japanese Fashion, KAMEHAMEHA | Kimono | VEDUTA

【Kimono & Obi】Japanese Fashion, KAMEHAMEHA | Kimono | VEDUTA

It is a set of Yukata and a belt that expresses the passion of Kamehameha the King who unified Hawaii for the first time in 1810 and the sun of Hawaii.


"Young designs" and "ease of wearing" that had not been in the yukata


· Easy to wear by one person
· It will not collapse even if it moves
· Coordinating can be enjoyed together with casual wear
· There is no need to purchase clogs, skins etc.
· It is a sewing finish by a craftsman


If you wear a band wrapped it will be coordinated with a sense of cheerfulness. If you wear like a coat from the everyday wear without winding the band, it becomes casual coordination.


While utilizing the traditional techniques, break down conventional common sense and open NEO KIMONO "VEDUTA" to open up a new era of kimono.

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More Information
Shop by Brand Japanese kimono & yukata | VEDUTA
Product Name 【Kimono & Obi】Japanese Fashion, KAMEHAMEHA | Kimono | VEDUTA
Traditional Technique Kimono
Measuring S : Height 61.02" ~ 64.96" (Length 54.33"), M : Height 64.96" ~ 68.89" (Length 56.69"), L : Height 68.89" ~ 72.83" (Length 59.84"), Made-to-order : Height 72.83" or more and body weight 220.5 lbs or more,,
Product Weight 1.7 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan




  • 2018
  • Kimono
  • Designer Masashi Watanabe


Shocked by the sight that I saw in Milan

I liked suits and Western fashion style, I crossed the sea in 2008 to study suit in Milan. However, due to the sight that I saw there, my way of thinking about fashion changed by 180 degrees. People in Milan who make a queue at the exhibition of Japanese armor helmet, dressing room for Japanese clothes that can not be booked · · · I realized that the world is looking for Japan. And when I review myself again, there was myself mimicking a foreigner, wearing clothes, misunderstanding that it is cool.


In Japan 100 years ago, clothes (western style fashion) were not common

By being in Milan, I was intensely aware that I am a Japanese person, and it gave me a chance to review the idea of Japanese as an identity and fashion. Today Japanese people are wearing clothes (western style fashion) as usual. However, it was not so hundred years ago. After the historical incident such as Meiji Restoration, World War II, clothes became commonplace for the Japanese. Originally there were kimonos in Japan. Japanese clothing, climate of Japan, Japanese clothes that have evolved from Japan are being replaced by clothes one after another, making the natural scenery (veduta). As a Japanese who is involved in fashion, I would like to revive the scenery (veduta) that the Japanese wears kimono for the first time. And, like clothes became common in Japan 100 years ago, I would like to send a kimono to the world this time and want to make a scenery (veduta) where foreigners wear kimono.

For Customers

I want to change the scenery of the world (veduta) with "NEO KIMONO"

I think that "changing clothes" is "to change the mood". Fashion has the power to change the feelings of people. A Japanese who has been dominated by clothes since the end of the war, the present situation of Japan with a sense of blockage somewhat losing confidence. I would like to change such a Japanese landscape (veduta), and this time kimono, Kimono will dominate the world. Let's make such a future together with "NEO KIMONO" together.