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Arita Ware

Traditional technique : Arita Ware
Birthplace : Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture
Age of origin : Around 1616
Period : Edo period

History :

It is the oldest domestic porcelain baked in the area around Arita cho, Saga prefecture. It is reported that in 1616, one of the Korean potter who was brought in by Toyotomi Hideyoshi 's dispatch of Korea, discovered pottery which is a material of porcelain in Arida Izumiyama beginning. Because it was carried from Imari port, it is also called Imari-ware.

Feature :

Arita-ware is characterized by the beauty of clear white magnetism and delicate and ornate painting. Smoothness like glass that is thin, light and cool, charm with hardness, strong durability and no absorbency, making it ideal for use as dishes. In most cases, porcelain is mainstream, not pottery.

36 件中 1 件目から 24 件目

  1. Studio Wieki Somers・Tea Cup
    同じかそれ以下 $222.67 税抜
  2. Studio Wieki Somers・Plate 180
    同じかそれ以下 $210.30 税抜
  3. Studio Wieki Somers・Flower Vase
    同じかそれ以下 $742.25 税抜
  4. Studio Wieki Somers・Cake Tray
    同じかそれ以下 $296.90 税抜
  5. Studio Wieki Somers・Tea Pot
    同じかそれ以下 $927.81 税抜
  6. Studio Wieki Somers・Milk Pot
    同じかそれ以下 $155.87 税抜
  7. Studio Wieki Somers・Sugar Pot
    同じかそれ以下 $272.16 税抜
  8. Studio Wieki Somers・Sugar & Milk Pot Tray
    同じかそれ以下 $296.90 税抜
  9. Kueng Caputo・Plate 220
    同じかそれ以下 $123.71 税抜
  10. Kueng Caputo・Plate 310
    同じかそれ以下 $371.12 税抜
  11. Kueng Caputo・Bowl 160
    同じかそれ以下 $247.42 税抜
  12. Kueng Caputo・Bowl 280
    同じかそれ以下 $618.54 税抜
  13. Kueng Caputo・Flower Vase (S・M・L)
    同じかそれ以下 $123.71 税抜
  14. Saskia Diez・Bracelet DRAKE CUFF NO1-1
    同じかそれ以下 $197.93 税抜
  15. Saskia Diez・Bracelet DRAKE CUFF NO1-2
    同じかそれ以下 $222.67 税抜
  16. Saskia Diez・Bracelet DRAKE CUFF NO2-1
    同じかそれ以下 $160.82 税抜
  17. Saskia Diez・Bracelet DRAKE CUFF NO2-2
    同じかそれ以下 $197.93 税抜
  18. Saskia Diez・DRAKE RING NO.1-1
    同じかそれ以下 $74.22 税抜
  19. Saskia Diez・DRAKE RING NO.1-2
    同じかそれ以下 $98.97 税抜
  20. Saskia Diez・Jewelry Box (White Matt)
    同じかそれ以下 $32.16 税抜
  21. ZOA・KACHO (Prime、platter)
    同じかそれ以下 $61.85 税抜
  22. ZOA・KACHO (Daily、platter)
    同じかそれ以下 $18.56 税抜
  23. ZOA・KACHO (Bowl)
    $30.93 税抜
  24. ZOA・KACHO (Cup)
    $18.56 税抜

36 件中 1 件目から 24 件目